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January 29, 2009

ipython %bg coolness

Filed under: python — jameshensman @ 3:17 pm

in ipython, I just found the magic function ‘%bg’, or background. If you want to run a long process, but keep the window active, this threads the task and stores the result for you to pick up later. e.g.

In [1]: from numpy import matlib as ml

In [2]: %bg ml.rand(2,2)
Starting job # 0 in a separate thread.

In [3]: %bg ml.zeros(3)
Starting job # 1 in a separate thread.

In [4]: jobs[0].result
matrix([[ 0.97556473, 0.67794221],
[ 0.9331659 , 0.78887001]])

In [5]: jobs[1].result
Out[5]: matrix([[ 0., 0., 0.]])

Mucho coolness, especially if you have a long process (or lots of them) to complete. I wonder if it’s actually multi-threaded, as in using both of my CPUs?


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